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A Reliable Power Solution for Extreme Weather Conditions


Anthony, a homeowner in an area susceptible to regular power blackouts due to extreme weather conditions, discovered the ultimate solution for uninterrupted power with HomeGrid's backup energy system. Soon after having the Stack'd Series installed, a severe storm caused a widespread power outage. Despite the conditions, Anthony's home continued to supply power, showcasing the unwavering reliability and resilience of HomeGrid's cutting-edge battery system.

With HomeGrid's innovative technology safeguarding his property, Anthony can now enjoy an uninterrupted power supply even during the most challenging weather events. The HomeGrid Stack'd Series system offers a robust solution for homeowners to prepare for extreme weather conditions. With its high capacity and output, the Stack'd Series provides reliable power during outages, ensuring that homeowners are never left in the dark.

High Output and Capacity

The Stack'd Series battery offers up to 14.4 kW of continuous output and up to 24 kW surge. It has a capacity of up to 38.4 kWh per Stack of eight modules, with a total capacity of up to 576 kWh with 15 units run in parallel. This high output and capacity range makes the Stack'd Series the right solution for any residential or small commercial storage projects.

Heated Modules for Colder Climates

For colder climates, HomeGrid offers the option of heated battery modules in the Stack'd Series system. These heated modules will automatically keep the batteries within operating temperatures to make sure that capacity is maintained, and the batteries’ function is optimized, even in the coldest of conditions.

High-Voltage BMS and Outdoor Case

The Stack'd Series also offers an outdoor case for added versatility and protection. The outdoor case is IP65/NEMA3R rated and is made from weatherable/UV-resistant ABS to better protect the Stack'd Series battery in direct weather.

Reliable Power Supply During Extreme Weather

In the event of a massive power outage due to severe weather, homeowners with the Stack'd Series system are better prepared with fully charged batteries to retain power during the grid outage. This function significantly enhances home safety and ensures a reliable energy supply during extreme weather conditions.

Extreme weather conditions can affect us all - Sandy, a resident of California where wildfires often lead to extensive power shutdowns, was able to continue her daily routine uninterrupted with her HomeGrid battery system. When her neighbors suffered through blackouts, her Stack'd battery system kept her lights on and her refrigerator running.

The HomeGrid Stack’d Series and its high capacity, output, and heated modules for colder climates make it a reliable solution for energy storage and supply during power outages caused by extreme weather.

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